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Обзор Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In addition to monsters, the expansion brought several new locations to the game. The first of them, Jungle, is a reworked version of the zone of the same name from Monster Hunter 2. The second is a completely new map called The Castle, which is a complex mountainous biome with many man-made buildings.

Unfortunately, both old and new locations feel very lifeless. Monsters aimlessly roam the earth in a random direction, not interacting with either their own kind or with the outside world. The developers have provided fresh maps with a couple of natural traps, but they are all quite primitive and do not bring any variety to the battles.

One of the most interesting innovations was the Assignments of the Companions. In missions of this type, the player goes hunting along with story-driven NPCs controlled by artificial intelligence. In total, there are about 10 allies to choose from, including both old friends and new acquaintances. Among the possible partners, you can find the main characters of the original Monster Hunter RIse, such as the elder of the Kamura village – Fugena, or the twin sisters Hinoa and Minoto.

During the hunt, companions enter into dialogues between themselves and the player, which allows you to reveal the characters from a new perspective, unobtrusively advance the main plot and complement the overall picture of the world. Companion missions could be a great alternative to multiplayer hunting, but you can use computer allies only within special missions, which are quite few compared to regular missions.

At the same time, the developers completely ignored the Rampage mode, which was one of the key innovations of Monster Hunter Rise. Quests in this mode stop appearing exactly after the final mission in the village of Kamura, which, of course, makes sense in terms of storytelling.

Rampage was coolly received by the community. Among the main problems, players noted excessive length and repetitiveness, but still expected that the developers would at least try to fix these shortcomings with the release of Sunbreak.

The core gameplay that players love about the Monster Hunter series is slowly evolving and getting better. However, some of the key aspects of Rise and Sunbreak, such as the hunters’ high mobility, sometimes feel like overkill.

Ultimately, Sunbreak isn’t as exciting as it should be. Battles with monsters are not a serious challenge, and the rewards for completing difficult missions are completely based on luck. The lack of timed events, unique quests, and collaborations make late-game gameplay a monotonous grind for the slim chance of getting slightly better gear.

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