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A new season of the VK Play Cup Warface tournament has been announced

Started registration participants of the second season VK Play Cup by Warface. Players can try themselves in both team and individual competitions. Total Prize Pool VK Play Cup 2 is 17,000,000 rubles. LAN-finals of the tournament will be held in Moscow from 17 to 20 November.

As in the first season, the VK Play Cup tournament series is divided into two categories: players can fight as part of a team or face opponents in individual fights.

Individual tournaments in the “Meat grinder” mode are available to everyone, and the prize pool is 4,000,000 rubles. Games will be held in two series of 4 tournaments. Weekly from September 21 qualifiers will be held, of which 250 players will receive tickets to the final. After 4 rounds of qualifiers, the top 1000 players will compete for prize money in 2,000,000 rubles. Qualifying matches of the second series will begin October 26.

Participants of the team tournament will share the prize fund in 13,000,000 rublesand the battle for the title will take place with 17 to 20 November in Moscow. The 8 strongest teams from the group stage will advance to the LAN final.

Tournament schedule:

Participants are also waiting for in-game rewards: credits and special achievements dedicated to the second season of the VK Play Cup. The badge will be given to all players who take part in any of the tournaments.

It is noted that VK Play strives to make esports more accessible to all players and provides an opportunity to both host esports broadcasts and organize tournaments. The streaming platform VK Play Live was recently launched into a beta test, in the development of which teams took part DonationAlerts and

You can register to participate in the tournament on the official website.

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