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“A step forward for the entire series”: Diablo IV pleased the critics and received high marks

Journalists shared feedback on the game Diablo IV from Blizzard Entertainment. As in the case with today’s reception of Street Fighter 6most of the reviews were positive critics note the overall high quality of the long-term RPG performance and the large amount of content prepared for release.

At the time of this posting, the average rating for Diablo IV on the review aggregator is Metacritic demonstrates the value in 88 points out of 100 possibleon OpenCritic 89 points.

As they write in the reviews, the developers from Blizzard managed to bring to life exactly the project that they promised. Diablo IV turned out to be a large-scale, beautiful and very exciting RPG, which you can easily spend several hundred hours playing.

Not without mentioning the minuses, however: the plot component of the brainchild of Blizzard seemed to a number of media inexpressive, the game is also scolded for occurring technical errors.

In addition, journalists fear for the long-term support of Diablo IV, given the current state of Blizzard Entertainment and the not so good state of affairs in the Overwatch 2 camp. They also hope that microtransactions do not ruin the game in the future.

GamingTrend – 100/100

“Diablo IV marks a significant step forward for the entire series, pushing it into the direction of an open world that will be interesting for both beginners and veterans to explore. Here, the complexity of game systems is combined with their flexibility, which allows you to invest hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the game Diablo IV is exactly what we’ve been waiting for and shows that Blizzard still has some strength.”

IGN – 9/10

“Diablo IV is the most beautiful continuation of the franchise, boasting near-perfect end-game content and a progression system that doesn’t let you leave the game even for a minute. From a story perspective, we were in for a big disappointment, even if the situation turned out to be slightly better than in Diablo III In addition, the game has some very annoying bugs that need to be fixed.

Despite all this, the combat system, the abundance of loot, graphics and sound – each element is enough to smooth out uneven corners. The project is on the path of improving the already familiar material, rather than creating some kind of revolutionary approach, and thanks to these priorities, the Blizzard team managed to create one of the most polished action RPGs in history, which makes it a hell of a lot of fun to spend time in the game.”

Push Square – 9/10

“Diablo IV is the heir to those farthest and best days of the action-RPG genre, where the quality is easily seen in both the exciting combat system and the deep mechanics of character development. In addition, you will find a complex and dark narrative that unfolds in the scenery of the bleak world of Sanctuary. Most importantly, the game also acts as a very solid foundation for new Diablo content that will be released for many years to come.”

Destructoid – 8/10

“An impressively made game with a lot of noticeable problems. Not everyone will like it, but it’s worth your money and time.”

VG24/7 – 4/5

“A great release in a well-known series and a game that most of the audience will have a great time playing.”

Recall that the world premiere of Diablo IV will take place on June 6. Users who pre-order the Deluxe Edition will be able to start playing four days earlier.

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