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AAA game Off The Grid from the creators of “District 9” and “Altered Carbon” crossed with NFT

Ambitious shooter Off The Grid, emerging studio Gunzilla Games with the support of the director Neil Blomkampwill receive support for NFT elements through integration with the blockchain platform GunZ. The developers shared the relevant information in an interview with the media.

As specified, in Off The Grid, an internal economy will be tied to the NFT, which implies the possibility of free sale of various in-game items between users. Presumably, we are talking about equipment, weapons and other resources obtained during the gameplay.

According to a comment from Gunzilla Games, NFT in their project exists solely as a foundation for creating an effective virtual economic model. Developers are not going to hide any game content or additional bonuses behind tokens. Moreover, the exchange of items will allegedly be carried out exclusively between users Buying the best equipment from the developers directly will not work.

According to the authors of Off The Grid, the NFT integration will allow players to keep all the previously accumulated progress even if the account receives an accidental block or the game stops its active development.

Recall that Off The Grid is a cyberpunk-style third-person shooter set in a dystopian future world. Despite the online focus, the authors pay special attention to the development of the narrative, led by the director of strategic development Neil Blomkamp (director of “District No. 9”) and screenwriter by Richard K. Morgan (Author of Altered Carbon). The team also includes a veteran Ubisoft Olivier Hanriot (Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed), acting as Chief Narrative Director.

The game will offer battles for 150 people in PvP skirmishes, as well as in PvE story missions on one map. Players will be able to freely control the development of the plot and make decisions that directly affect the overall gameplay.

The premiere of the project is expected next year. Read more about the new product here.

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