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Adults Only: New Tales from the Borderlands Rated in Singapore

Singapore agency IMMEDIATELY issued an age rating18+» continuation of the episodic adventure Tales from the Borderlands, the development of which became known in April this year. The game received an “adult” rating due to excessive violence, profanity, the presence of drugs, alcohol, and so on. However, some gameplay details have emerged.

The action of the new Tales from the Borderlands takes place on the planet Pandora, where the characters are Anu, Fran and Octavio. The first is going to use the healing crystal to heal her brother Octavio. Both will be playable characters and will be joined by frozen yogurt shop owner Fran.

The heroes confront a corporation that is trying to take possession of the crystal, fighting people, robots and mutants. Moreover, the fights will be performed in the form of QTE-scenes.

Tales from the Borderlands sequel coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. The release of the Deluxe edition is expected, which will include the first part.

Recall that the game is engaged Gearbox Software, not Telltale. The release is scheduled for 2022.

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