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Amazon wants to buy Electronic Arts

A new report published by USA Today says that Amazon will soon announce its offer to buy video game publisher Electronic Arts. Just a few months ago, we learned that EA had practically teamed up with Comcast’s NBCUniversal division. This report also mentions ongoing negotiations with major companies such as Disney, Apple and Amazon. EA’s current market capitalization is $35.48 billion, but we expect Amazon to likely pay a heavy price. The acquisition makes double sense for Amazon, as it can more easily use EA’s many IP addresses for transmedia opportunities, such as adaptations of video games into Prime Video series. Last November, a Deadline report suggested that Amazon was close to a deal to produce the TV series Mass Effect. Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson recently discussed the potential sale, hinting that it could happen.

“I think we are in an incredible position. We will soon become the largest standalone independent developer and publisher of interactive media in the world. I think we have the most incredible teams in our industry and we are bringing in more and more incredible talent. We have a community of 600 million people and we are certainly on track to achieve our goal of getting a billion people across the planet to play. I don’t think we could be in a stronger position as a separate company. Our goal is always to take care of our people, our players and our shareholders, and if we ever have a way to do it differently from how we do it today, I should certainly be open to selling assets. But I’ll tell you today that we feel very, very confident and excited about our future.”

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