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AMC plans to film all of Anne Rice’s books

Channel AMC plans to film all 18 books of the writer Anne Riceincluding a cycle of novels “Vampire Chronicles“and trilogy”Mayfair witches“, the rights to which were acquired in 2020. This was told by the showrunner of the upcoming series “Interview with a Vampire“Rolyn Jones during a presentation at the Television Critics Association.”

“AMC bought all the books and they want to adapt all the books,” the showrunner said.

During a conversation with reporters, he also said that the basis of the first season of the serial adaptation of “Interview with the Vampire” will form half of the novel, and in subsequent possible seasons, the creators of the show will adapt the rest of the material from the book source.

In turn, Sam Reid, who played the role of Lestat, explained how Interview with the Vampire could create a coherent story based on the foundation of 13 novels from the Vampire Chronicles series, which the 1994 film adaptation failed to do.

According to him, the creators of the show have almost finished material on hand, which allows them to develop the further development of the story arcs of the characters, which was not the case at the time of the release of the feature film with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, because at that time Anne Rice was still writing her works. .

The role of Lestat in the series was played by Sam Reidknown for the films “Friendship Stand-up” and “Prime Suspect”, and the party of Louis went to the star of “Game of Thrones” Jacob Anderson. In turn, the vampire child played Bailey Basswhich will appear in the sequel “Avatar”, and the image of investigative journalist Daniel Molloy embodied Eric Bogosyan.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ premieres October 2, 2022,

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