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AMD introduced Ryzen 7020 processors

AMD has just officially unveiled its latest line of Ryzen 7020 processors to the world, which gives users the opportunity to access entry-level processors for quite a reasonable price. It should be noted right away that this line currently has four processor options – all of them are quite simple in terms of characteristics, although they provide a good number of cores and threads. For example, the youngest representative of the line has only two cores with four threads, but the company immediately stated that this is a processor from the Athlone family – the model was created specifically in order to realize certain advantages in the most affordable segment of laptops. Accordingly, it is too early to talk about competition with other processors.

At the same time, all models have a fairly low level of energy consumption, so that the autonomy of laptops will be decent, plus there will be no problems with heating the case. This also allows partner companies to create fairly thin laptops, in which, theoretically, you can not install an active cooling system at all. It turns out quite an interesting product that is worth exploring in terms of performance already in real laptops – so far none has been presented. But, probably, this will happen in the very near future, you just have to wait for news from AMD’s major partners. But already now we can say that the solution looks pretty good, especially against the background of Celeron.

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