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AMD RX 7600 revealed a serious flaw with the power connector

It appears that the AMD RX 7600 reference model graphics card has a design defect that may make it difficult to connect the required 8-pin power connector. TechPowerUp and many users on Reddit have stated that some 6+2 pin connectors may not fit due to surrounding bezels. If you are going to buy a reference Radeon RX 7600 graphics card, first make sure your power supply connectors are correct. In the worst case, you can buy an 8-pin extension cable, but this can negatively affect the appearance of the system, plus sometimes these extensions do not withstand the load and melt

The cause of the problem is the lack of space around the 8-pin connector on the card, with a small cutout that may not fit some of the 6+2-pin connectors that come with most power supplies. A particular problem is the latch for the extra two pins, which can be blocked by the back plate, preventing the connector from fully inserting into the slot. Experts note that the video card will work anyway, but, of course, you should not connect a video card in this kind of format – poor contact at any time can lead to ignition or the card will simply stop working. It is strange that the manufacturer did not test the video card before sending it to release – after all, these are very basic things that need to be checked.

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