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Amy Hennig’s Marvel game will be deeply cinematic and offer best-in-class graphics

On Friday at the presentation of the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, the announcement of an unnamed game from the creator Uncharted Amy Hennig.

Players are waiting for a story-driven single-player action-adventure game set during World War II and starring Captain America, Black Panther, Warring Commando soldier Gabe Jones and Wakanda warrior Dora Milaj.

The first teaser was not particularly rich in details, but after the announcement, Hennig and story consultant Mark Bernardin revealed some additional details about the game.

Hennig noted that the main pillars of the project are the story, characters and deep cinematography, so fans who have played her previous games will immediately notice the signature style.

“The pillars of our project, as you would expect, are that it is story and character based, deeply cinematic and rich in its cinematic delivery. We’re doing some really cool stuff in this area that I haven’t seen before. Visual presentation, visual fidelity – best in class.”

She also added that one aspect that the development team is focusing more than usual on is making the game as accessible as possible to a wide range of gamers.

The developers want to ensure that each player can feel that he is able to put himself in the place of the heroes. According to Hennig, management in the project will be simple, contextual and intuitive, but at the same time deep.

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