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Analytics: The average Russian must work 40 days to buy a new iPhone 14 Pro

Analysts of the international Picodi service found out how much the average Russian needs to work to buy a new one iPhone 14 Pro in the initial version of 128 GB.

The basis for the study was the so-called iPhone index, calculated on the basis of the ratio of the cost of a popular gadget to the average salary in different countries. According to Rosstat, the average salary in Russia in the second quarter of this year amounted to 63,784 rubles (55,492 rubles on hand).

As a result, it turns out that with the cost of the base iPhone 14 Pro about 104,990 rubles the average Russian will have to work 39.7 working days, saving all the money they earn. At the same time, in comparison with 2021, this indicator decreased by 2.4 days.

The worst result among the countries included in the Picodi rating was shown by Turkey, the Philippines and Brazil. Residents of these countries need to work 145.7, 90.9 and 74.2 days to buy a new Apple smartphone. Switzerland topped the list. There, the average resident will save up for an iPhone 14 Pro in 4.6 days. This is followed by the United States (5.7 days), Australia (6.1 days), UAE (6.5 days) and Luxembourg (7.1 days).

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will start shipping from 16 of September. A new line of Apple smartphones will be brought to Russia through parallel imports.

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