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Anker PowerCore 24K 24000mAh Portable Charger Unveiled

Anker has introduced the 140W PowerCore 24K portable charger.

The model offers a 140W charging speed and a 24,000mAh battery. It runs on the Power Delivery 3.1 architecture. There are two USB-C ports that can charge 140W devices at the same time, while the USB-A port provides 18W of power. The new power supply is based on the GaN 3 technology used in Anker’s latest GaNPrime chargers. This technology provides more efficient AC/DC conversion and higher power output.

The PowerCore 24K is equipped with a smart digital display that shows charging information.

The Anker PowerCore 24K Portable Charger sells for $149.99. It is worth noting that the package does not include a charger for the device itself or a USB-C cable. It requires a PD 3.1-enabled charger and a USB-C cable to reach the advertised 140W charging power.

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