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Anti-cheat Genshin Impact can harm your PC

Throughout its existence, Genshin Impact has undergone various updates, adding new characters, story expansions, and other features. Today’s report, however, has a much more negative connotation as it concerns the game’s anti-cheat feature – later on it also talks about how the feature is being abused. When it comes to anti-cheat systems, you may have heard of popular options like EasyAntiCheat and BattlEye. Genshin Impact has a completely unique anti-cheat file known as mhyprot2.sys, which miHoYo originally added to the game to prevent cheating. However, anti-cheat for Genshin works like a device driver and has kernel-level authorization in your computer.

Luckily, this file will be used to bypass various security measures, which will eventually kill the protection processes. Accordingly, an infected version of this anti-cheat will come with a kill.svc file that installs a service and starts a fake AVG anti-virus, downloading various files as ransomware. This ransomware also disabled various other antivirus suites that would normally protect users. The ransomware payload also begins to encrypt files and render them unusable, and can also be deployed to other computers using the PsExec process. What is potentially more dangerous is that, theoretically, if this ransomware gets into an office building with its own domain, not a single computer in that building will be safe if the files are in that domain.

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