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Apple broke Face ID

Some time ago, Apple triumphantly announced the Face ID smartphone unlocking system, which to date has not received a serious competitor in the market – it’s just that other companies are not ready to invest such funds in creating a technology that does not bring any profit in the end. However, today information has appeared that the iOS 16 operating system for certain users simply breaks the Face ID system, so that it simply ceases to perform its functions. This, on the one hand, is a rather unpleasant situation, and on the other hand, it is worth saying that this system has been working properly for many years and this is the first serious failure that will probably be corrected in the near future.

The problem is that due to any operating system malfunctions, a smartphone based on iOS 16 stops perceiving Face ID without reading the user’s face. Of course, no one bothers to just take and enter a pin code, but if we are talking about paying for something using a smartphone, then the situation is already becoming uncomfortable. Of course, we understand that the system will be fixed in the near future and it will work as it should, but now users should understand that such a flaw exists and should be paid attention to if you want to work comfortably with the device and pay for purchases. Another thing is that the problem did not manifest itself among all users – it is of a single nature around the world.

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