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Apple is already preparing a foldable tablet

For the past two years, there have been discussions about whether Apple will release a folding smartphone or not. Nevertheless, all major manufacturers have already shown their devices, plus they are in good demand and, in general, are ready to compete and bring profit to the manufacturer. True, as is the case with Apple, the company does not want to be a pioneer and fill bumps – instead of trying to conquer the market on its own, the company waits for others to do it, and then just adds a couple of its chips and sends the product to sale. And Samsung is sure that Apple already has ready-made prototypes of working devices with a folding display, but in fact, the company is not ready to release a smartphone yet – it’s too risky.

Instead, the manufacturer will most likely sell a tablet with a foldable display, making it extremely expensive and rare. The fact is that smartphones feel like a more mass product, while not so many users buy a tablet, and it’s easier to experiment in this category. You can make a large display and a mechanism for folding it in half, then make it thinner and stronger, gradually increasing performance with each iteration. Ultimately, starting in 2024, the manufacturer will improve its foldable gadgets, and in the year 2027 it will already release a foldable smartphone, when all the technologies are ready for use. But this, of course, will be an extremely interesting solution.

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