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Apple Maps will have ads

Apple plans to significantly expand its advertising business every day. Currently, the company’s annual revenue is about $4 billion, and it is projected to increase to $10 billion a year in the future. To achieve this goal, Apple Maps will start showing ads next year, and while this may force users to look for an alternative when looking for directions or places like Google Maps, ads are expected to be integrated in a much smarter way. Because Apple focuses on the user experience, Apple Maps ads will most likely not be displayed in the traditional banner style shown on most websites and apps.

Instead, these ads are expected to be part of paid search results. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote in his Power On newsletter that work has already begun to launch ads in the future. As MacRumors points out, a fast food chain could pay Apple to appear at the top of results when a user searches for something related to fast food, such as french fries, hamburgers, or milkshakes. Google Maps, a competitor to Apple Maps, already offers such a feature, as do map viewing apps like Yelp. Currently, ads can be seen in the Apple App Store, but instead of fast food chains advertising their business, app developers are getting the opportunity to promote their apps to users who search for programs with relevant keywords. Apple also plans to start advertising in the Today section of the App Store and a new You May Also Like section at the bottom of the app listing.

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