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Apple raises prices for apps and games

Some time ago, a rumor appeared on the net that Apple is actually planning to raise the prices of applications in its digital App Store in the near future. This is actually quite an interesting scenario, because some time ago the company already raised prices in the App Store, but then it concerned regional prices in some countries. Now we are talking about the fact that the manufacturer decided to raise prices for the entire European market – if earlier there was a certain format of regional prices that were slightly lower than prices in the US, now the situation will even out. This means that the prices for applications in various regions of the world will rise, albeit a little – no one is talking about a doubling of prices, just instead of $ 1.99, applications will be sold for 2.49, for example.

The reason why the company plans to raise app prices for Europe is because of a recent law passed in the EU, which now requires all smartphone manufacturers to sell devices exclusively with a USB Type-C port from 2024. Accordingly, Apple will lose decent funds from the sale of branded accessories with a branded port, and in order to cover these costs, it was decided to raise the price in Europe to the US level. It sounds a little strange, because you need to understand that the Type-C port is the future, but we all understand how much Apple loves to sell branded accessories, so this was expected. The only question is how much prices will be raised in comparison with the current level.

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