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Apple Reality Pro headset will definitely show on June 5

Apple has been rumored to release a mixed reality headset for several years now, and in recent months Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has been regularly revealing details about the new headset ahead of a likely WWDC 2023 reveal. clearly hints that the headset is really presenting. The reason to think so is that Ian Hamilton of UploadVR news outlet has received an invitation to Apple’s keynote on June 5th. This is the first time that UploadVR, which focuses mainly on augmented and virtual reality technologies, has received an invitation to WWDC. Accordingly, there is an opinion that if a specialized publication was invited to the presentation, then the new headset will indeed be presented.

Insiders also say that the gadget called Reality Pro will use two 4K micro-OLED displays (one for each eye), providing the user with a combined 8K resolution. It is also reported that the headset will work on two Apple M2 processors at once and these will not be lightweight versions of the chips, but completely standard solutions that are installed in Apple laptops and computers. This will make the Reality Pro device one of the most powerful standalone mixed reality devices on the market. But at a price of about $ 3,000, not everyone will want to buy such a device.

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