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Apple Watch Series 8 received an old processor

More recently, on September 7, Apple introduced a whole bunch of its new devices, among which were the Apple Watch Series 8 smart watches. Unfortunately, as insiders foretold, there were no cardinal changes in this device – the manufacturer simply decided to use a larger diagonal screen , but that’s all. And users rightly noted that in fact there is no need to buy new watches, because they do not provide new functions, more impressive autonomy, and so on. But today even more sad information appeared – it turned out that the company used the same processor in the Apple Watch Series 8 as in the sixth and seventh generations. This is actually a huge blow to consumers who have long wanted a new smartwatch.

The fact is that if the Apple Watch Series 8 uses an old processor, then there can be no increase in autonomy, plus it’s not worth talking about any new functions either, because they cannot appear out of nowhere. Moreover, it is strange that the company has actually been using the same chip for smartwatches for the third year – probably, its performance is really enough, but if the company releases a new generation of watches, then I would like to have at least some kind of bonus. But the watch is probably selling too well anyway, so Apple doesn’t need to release major updates to boost sales or bring them back to the same level. Instead, the company releases a minor update on the old processor.

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