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Atomic Heart has acquired a book about the background of “Enterprise 3826”

Fans of sci-fi shooter Atomic Heart (our review) it became possible to get better acquainted with the universe of the game and at the same time pass the time while waiting for the story additionssince a book that tells the backstory of “Enterprise 3826” has gone on sale.

book “Atomic Heart. Background of “Enterprise 3826”“contains 480 pages, and its cost is 702 rubles.

“The backstory of Atomic Heart, one of the most popular games of 2023.
The legendary “Enterprise 3826” – from the invention of the polymer to the day of the launch of the “Collective 2.0”!

Welcome to the alternative Soviet Union! In 1936, Professor Sechenov invented a polymer – a unique new type of information carrier that does not require digital codes and electrical signals. Further research will make it possible to make a number of brilliant discoveries and fantastically accelerate the development of robotics. “Enterprise 3826”, a network of research and production complexes, begins its work under the guidance of the best minds of the USSR.
Scientific progress is leading the country to an ideal future. But what happens if technology gets out of human control?” the description reads.

Earlier it became known that the shooter Mundfish officially surpassed Focus Entertainment’s sales expectations. According to insiders, the developers are already planning the creation of Atomic Heart 2.

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