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Bayonetta 3 could have been a semi-open world game

Bayonetta 3 was announced in 2017, but development was delayed. According to a former editor Imran Khan’s Game Informerthe game had to wait five years, because PlatinumGames planned to add a semi-open world to it, but later abandoned this idea.

“It was meant to be more like Astral Chain than NieR: Automata. The idea was that the hub world would send Bayonetta (or anyone else) to different worlds that would be fairly open on their own. Probably Super Mario 64 will be a good example of this,” Khan writes in a weekly Patreon newsletter.

The team did a lot of work and a lot of experimentation, but everything fell apart when it came to the pace of the story. Ultimately, Nintendo asked to be rejected. Also, the semi-open world game didn’t play well on the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Khan notes that “the final version still has a lot of elements of the old level design.” For example, the central world of Fula is “broken into small pieces, through which Bayonetta and Viola move to get into other dimensions.”

Bayonetta 3 was released on October 28 for the Nintendo Switch. The project was awarded high marks from both critics and players.

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