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Billium reviews: advantages of a young cryptocurrency exchange

Billium ( is one of the young crypto exchanges, the idea of ​​​​creating which appeared only in 2020. The startup was presented by Turkish blockchain developers. And they were able to secure the financial support of large investors quite easily. Therefore, the Billium team quickly sat down to create a platform. And already a few months later, in 2021, the world saw a fully functional version of the new crypto exchange. True, most of 2021 had to be devoted to testing and audits. But now there is no need to doubt the security and transparency of the platform. And if you read reviews about Billium, they also note convenient interaction with this site. But since there are enough crypto exchanges, it is curious to see what are the competitive advantages of Billium?

What do users write reviews about Billium?

Before considering the advantages of the next crypto exchange, you always want to first look into the comments. Because if the reviews about Billium are not very good, then it’s not worth wasting time on further consideration. So we rummaged through the Internet and found out that there are not many comments yet, but there are. They are mostly represented by messages left by beta testers. But in such messages there is a lot of information that is already a bit irrelevant. Since after the beta test, a number of changes were made to the functioning of the site. Some of them are almost invisible, but there are also very significant ones.

And it is advisable to look for more relevant reviews about Billium. And they were found on the following sites:

And after looking through a lot of threads with a discussion of the crypto exchange, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it is worth continuing to study it. Reviews about Billium indicate that the site does its job perfectly. And provides a high level of comfort. Residents of the Russian Federation and Belarus, who today do not have such a large selection of cryptocurrency exchanges that want to work with them, feel it especially well. Here we also see a Turkish startup loyal to the Russian Federation, not afraid of sanctions, offering a convenient Russian-language interface, etc. So now we can take a closer look at competitive advantages. And, own, the first has already been named. So let’s move on.

Transparency and security

From the first steps of its existence, Billium has been aimed at maximum transparency. Therefore, everyone can see who manages the company. Or even who works on the Billium team. By the way, Ilya Angelov from the Russian Federation is the Deputy Chief Director here. Perhaps because of this, the startup is doing so well in Russia and the CIS countries. If you wish, you can contact members of the Billium team, as they kindly provide their email, as well as links to profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram.

Once funded, Billium first registered a parent company in Istanbul. And here a license was immediately obtained from the local regulator for the right to conduct financial activities. Then, a subsidiary in Dubai was additionally opened to process transactions, where the crypto exchange also received the appropriate license. And soon, according to Billium management, there will be a regulated branch in Europe. Such an approach cannot but rejoice. Since even the more famous crypto exchanges often do not disclose who actually manages them, where the offices are located, etc. Therefore, working with Billium is less risky.

Plus, realizing that customers will want security guarantees, Billium regularly undergoes two types of audits:

  • the first establishes the transparency of payments, analyzes financial flows and demonstrates how and in what amount the company generates profit;
  • the second is intended to confirm that the Billium system is reliably protected from known types of cyber threats.

The verification is carried out by independent companies, whose authority is beyond doubt.

Storage of funds

Plus, customer funds are stored in secure cold wallets. And malefactors at all desire will not be able to cause critical harm to Billium. This approach complicates the work of the crypto exchange itself, but due to the introduction of advanced technologies, it manages to maintain a high speed of processing payments and not expose the assets under its control to the blow.

In addition to this, each payment is subject to rigorous verification. And if the security service sees that the client is ready to make a mistake, then it instantly blocks the payment and returns the funds to the user back. Reading reviews of Billium, one can see that such a mechanism has already saved customers a lot of money. Since not everyone has enough experience in working with cryptocurrencies. And sometimes it is simply impossible to take into account the necessary nuances when making cryptocurrency payments in full. But with a partner like Billium, you don’t have to worry about that.

Technologies for work

Since technology has already been touched upon, it doesn’t hurt to say something about them:

  1. Billium acts as a liquidity aggregator. Accordingly, real, and not some drawn volumes are visible in the order book. And due to this circumstance, it is almost impossible to encounter significant slippage here when executing market orders. Therefore, even when working with low-liquid instruments in Billium, you can feel quite confident.
  2. Ultra-fast execution allows you to effectively scalp by instantly placing orders, removing them, moving them, etc.
  3. The trading terminal has a simple interface and stable operation. By the way, this is evidenced not only by the statements of the development team, but also by the reviews about Billium. However, it does not contain tools for analysis. So you will have to predict the price movement with the help of third-party software. For example, you can use the same TradingView. Plus, you can always connect some familiar software systems to Billium via the API.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of implemented technologies, each of which contributes to stable and profitable trading.

Billium staking earnings

The crypto platform has released an investment stablecoin Bearn (BEA). With its help, investors can count on a fixed profit in a given period of time, regardless of what happens on the crypto market. Moreover, by staking BEA, you can instantly withdraw money. Because they are not frozen for the staking period.

To start making passive and stable profits from staking, you need to:

  1. Create a crypto wallet on the Tron blockchain.
  2. Then register using the Tron Link wallet.
  3. Purchase the desired number of Bearn tokens.
  4. Staking tokens and enjoy the profits.

In doing so, you need to know the following:

  • the Bearn token has real USDC collateral, not taken out of thin air;
  • transactions are duplicated in the Tron blockchain;
  • funds transferred by Billium are stored in cold wallets and cannot be stolen by intruders.

The funds raised through the release of Bearn are used by the Billium team to develop their own blockchain network and issue a cryptocurrency called Bilt.

Copy trading service

Copy trading is an excellent, although not a new idea that is actively used in Forex, but it has not yet become widespread in cryptocurrency. Its essence is as simple as it is effective. And participation in the copy trading service will be useful for both traders and investors. But first things first.

The copy trading service allows all interested investors to find professional traders to enable automatic copying of their trades to their account. As a result, the profit on the accounts of depositors grows, and they themselves do not need to do anything for this. True, you have to pay for the services of a pro. But you should not worry, because the payment mechanism, as the reviews of Billium confirm, is very fair. Here, investing clients of the copy trading service give 20% of the profit received with the help of a trader only after they want to fix this very income. That is, until the income is received, no one will need to pay for anything. And having received a good income, doing nothing, it is not a pity to give a part to the one who helped to acquire it.

For traders, this model of cooperation is beneficial in that they still trade. But here they also receive additional income from those who have connected auto-copying of their trade. And often such additional income can significantly exceed the profit directly from trading on your account.

Important: to become a trader in the Billium autocopy service, you need to provide documentary evidence of your ability to trade for at least a year! So no one gets here. And, reading the reviews about Billium, you understand that it allows you to earn easy and good money!

Finishing a brief review of Billium, it is worth recognizing that the crypto exchange looks worthy against the background of competitors. It may not yet reach the level of Binance, but after the implementation of all the announced functions, Billium will be very close to the top cryptocurrency exchanges. Well, its reliability, combined with loyalty to Russian-speaking users, makes the choice in favor of this crypto exchange obvious.

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