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BOE introduces 16K display

Today’s 4K monitors have become commonplace, and 8K monitors are slowly gaining momentum – albeit at inflated prices (for example, the Dell UltraSharp 32 8K monitor costs almost $4,000). However, major manufacturers, of course, cannot stop at 8K resolution, working towards a much sharper picture. For example, BOE, the Chinese giant of the display world, officially unveiled a huge 110-inch 16K display at Display Week 2023. To imagine this resolution, you need to have a good imagination and understanding of complex modern technical solutions. For example, if 8K resolution is 7680×4320 pixels, then 16K resolution raises the number of pixels to 15360×8640 pixels.

Thus, the display provides 132.7 million pixels, compared to 33.2 million pixels for 8K and 8.3 million pixels for 4K resolution. Naturally, the question arises of what kind of hardware is needed in the signal source in order to draw such a number of pixels at the same time. For example, even at 8K, video cards cannot now show 60 frames per second, and if there are four times as many pixels, then, naturally, the load on hardware performance also increases. But in the future, this kind of monitors and TVs will probably be in demand when the hardware components reach the required level. Now it’s just marketing and nothing more.

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