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Camera not working properly on iPhone 14 Pro

Today, a lot of videos and reports have appeared on the Internet that the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro smartphone is behaving very strangely when recording video. And in the videos that were published on the Internet, there is plenty of evidence that the smartphone really starts to make strange sounds, some glitches start in its viewfinder, and so on. Shortly thereafter, Apple employees said that this problem is purely software – third-party applications are simply not adapted for this hardware, so when the camera tries to stabilize the picture in the frame, there are problems. The company said that a patch with fixes will be released soon, but now it’s better not to run such applications so as not to damage the camera.

And this is actually an extremely strange situation, since the iPhone 14 Pro camera does not work properly even with fairly popular applications and social networks. It turns out that the manufacturer simply did not test the smartphone before the release, did not try how the camera works there and stuff like that. Given that the cost of the basic version of the iPhone 14 Pro is $ 1,000, I would like to get something really high-quality for this money. So that the camera works normally, so that nothing is buggy and does not fly out. But, apparently, in our time, even the purchase of such an expensive smartphone cannot guarantee the user the reliability of the design and hardware.

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