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“Can I come with you?” Review of the Russian series “Volunteer Playlist” from Okko

Domestic streaming finds new topics for inspiration, offering viewers both standard crime or comedy content, and unexpected social projects.
Volunteer playlist“Deeps into the theme of the volunteer movement, telling in each of the eight episodes an independent story, united by common heroes.

The series based on the novel of the same name by the TV presenter and lifeguard Skinny Stapicharather boldly looks into the lives of people of different social classes and cultures, united by one goal help others.

The main character of the picture, Misha, managed to have a child by the age of 25, divorce his wife and … get lost. Found by a group of volunteers with a broken head and no money, he is slowly drawn into the hectic life of the volunteer movement out of boredom and gratitude. For half the season we saw, the guy, thanks to his ingenuity and will, turns from an ordinary assistant into a full-fledged coordinator.

Although the picture tells in sufficient detail about the everyday situations of the volunteer movement and “adventures” at work, the authors try to avoid very harsh scenes or critical situations, leaving them out of the picture or playing with training camps. Episodes with maniacs, dismembered in packages and drowned children run in the background without showing terrible details.

In addition to directly searching for people in impenetrable darkness knee-deep in mud, the authors pay too much attention to the romantic experiences of the main characters. Cheating, stories about training in anal sex with a prostitute and other “fruity” scenes brighten up the gloomy content, but at the same time blur the very idea of ​​noble and diverse people united by the idea of ​​self-sacrifice.

With a rather short season of eight episodes, the Volunteer Playlist has a lot of fillers and fairly stretched narrative elements. Of course, the romantic line between Misha and the Doll (Mila Ershova) is full of awkward situations and events, as well as the relationship of the game lover with the Brittle point performed by Dmitry Chebotarev and his girlfriend Mila (Marina Vasilyeva). But these complex amorous connections, including the seething passion of the other members of the squad, send the viewer into the format of a tearful female melodrama or to the bright scandals of Doma-2.

Nevertheless, despite everything that may seem superfluous, the authors quite successfully show a system for coordinating searches, mutual assistance and joint work of practically strangers. It is almost a hymn to the volunteer movement with a noticeable idealization of ordinary participants and their leaders. Ivan Yankovsky in the role of Misha Shtapich did not deviate much from the image of a ruffy and calm investigator in the Fisher series, having lost only the Rostov accent that is unnecessary here. Mila Ershova does not offer something incredible, but the protagonist’s partner Fragile simply shines with sparkling humor.

In the original book, each chapter referred to a famous musical composition, hence the title of the series. — Volunteer Playlist. Here the music sounds in the background, and the playlist turned out to be very versatile and multi-genre, combining Yegor Letov, the SerGa group, Katya Lel, Alena Shvets, AP $ ENT and DEAD BLONDE, in no way connected modern and classical performers, complementing the atmosphere.

“Volunteer Playlist” not a bad series for a relaxing evening, which tells about the work of volunteers in an interesting and tasteful way, but tries to avoid the harshness and dangerous boundaries of naturalism. The excessive focus on relationships here clearly interrupts the main idea of ​​the project, but at the same time Yankovsky cements the story, forcing him to stay at the screen until the very end.

Viewing materials are provided to the authors of the site by the Okko online cinema free of charge.


Author: Alexander Loginov (XTR)

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