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CBM Group reviews: affordable investment

CBM Group is an international online intermediary for investors from around the world. From the first day of its existence, the CBM Group team has been focused on providing quality services to retail and corporate clients, regardless of the size of the initial capital. With the CBM Group broker, it is quite easy to delve into the world of finance and, with due diligence, turn from a beginner into a confident online trader in a short time. A comfortable, profitable investment of money is available today like never before.

Reviews about CBM Group

What do the authors of reviews about CBM Group write in social networks and blogs? You can meet them at:

First of all, they note:

  • Timely payouts.

  • Legality of actions.
  • Spreads tending to zero for all major and cross pairs on Forex.
  • Impeccable functioning of the terminal for trading.

  • No additional fees (for a deposit, for inactivity, etc.).
  • Opportunity to invest with a technical minimum of $150.
  • High-quality recommendations, training and other effective additional services.

  • Friendly and competent technical support 24/5.

CBM Group reviews

From the reviews about CBM Group, it follows that Russian online traders have fully appreciated all the advantages of trading with an international broker. The authors of CBM Group reviews recommend registering on this online platform and trying on the role of a real participant in the financial markets.

Global coverage and reliability of CBM Group

Having a reliable and decent broker is critical to online trading success. Before you start investing, you should make sure that the chosen financial intermediary is not problematic or dishonest, otherwise you can lose your investment.

CBM Group is fully regulated by the Securities Commission. Sites that conduct transactions without the supervision of a regulatory body, first of all, care about their profits. And the investor’s capital is at risk.

CBM Group is regulated, managed and controlled by reputable financial regulatory authorities. They monitor the activities of the company, and if something goes wrong, they will definitely take the necessary measures. The company operates in the legal field and has the status of a legitimate online agent.

The company is unlikely to manipulate market prices due to stringent industry regulations. Reviews of CBM Group on the Web confirm that all withdrawal requests on the platform are processed clearly and without delay. If the broker violates any regulatory rules, he will lose his status.

Any payments financed by clients are kept in a separate bank account. For added security, the online intermediary uses only first-tier banks. Level 1 is the official benchmark for a bank’s financial health and strength.

CBM Group is considered a global trading platform in the sense that it operates in 78 countries, including countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. The main countries that CBM Group covers include the UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa, China and now also the Russian Federation.

Investment assets and minimum deposit

CBM Group offers two ways to trade: Forex and CFD. The assets and products available on the online platform depend on the region of the world in which a particular trader is located. For example, clients from the Russian Federation trade more than two hundred investment assets, including 31 currency pairs (major, minor, exotic), 59 stocks, 23 indices, 68 cryptocurrencies.

The broker has set a minimum deposit of $150. At the same time, the owners of VIP accounts operate with amounts from 250,000 US dollars. According to reviews of CBM Group, the company actively attracts clients of various levels, regardless of whether it is an experienced trader or a beginner.

Trading software

The UTIP online platform used by CBM Group is one of the most popular trading platforms available in the world and has been well known in the financial markets since 2006. The software offers a feature-rich, user-friendly interface and an easily customizable trading environment. The software is designed to meet all the possible needs of online traders and increase their trading efficiency with charting features and advanced trade management tools.

And although the UTIP platform was developed primarily for trading binary options, over time it has transformed into a full-fledged tool for Forex and CFD trading. It is easy to trade stocks, indices, commodities and even cryptocurrencies here. In this case, you do not need to own any underlying assets, since profit is derived from the movement of the price of an asset.

The CBM Group platform is used in several formats, including through:

  • online version;
  • downloadable software for Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers (compatible with the latest version of mac OS Mojave);
  • mobile application with support for Android and iOS.

As more and more traders are trading offline, according to CBM Group reviews, web browser trading is the most popular. CBM Group’s web software guarantees the same performance as the desktop version, as well as advanced charting, a highly customizable trading environment, easy access to online trading tools and a variety of technical indicators. All transactions are carried out without the participation of a dealing center.

Educational Resources

To trade effectively, it is important to have a complete understanding of CBM Group’s trading instruments and financial markets. For that, you need to get trained.

CBM Group offers a good selection of educational resources. It does not make sense for a beginner to rush to invest money, but they need to find out how the markets are moving, how the online platform works. As you train to make buy/sell trades, you need to understand how to capitalize on global trading time and, most importantly, how to reduce and manage investment risk.

All clients of the brokerage company can be trained by contacting a personal assistant. He will make a schedule for attending webinars, recommend literature, and even provide individual advice.


Reviewers of CBM Group note that the response time and efficiency of solving technical support problems exceed the wildest expectations. Any issue is resolved within five minutes. At the same time, the broker’s team speaks many languages ​​- from Chinese to Russian. Even online chat functions in several languages. Clients from the Russian Federation do not have to worry that they will not be understood.


Online investments can be just as risky as other types of offline investments. In any case, it is important to carefully study the company with which to cooperate. With a CBM Group broker, every online investor can be sure that the management of their investments on the CBM Group platform is in good hands. And this is a good sign for beginners, because usually well-known brokers require impressive deposits to start, and with CBM Group you can try your hand with only 150 US dollars.

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