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Changhong introduced top-end TVs Q9K MAX

Changhong has unveiled a line of Q9K MAX TVs with 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

The line includes models with screens with a diagonal of 75, 86, 98 and 110 inches. TVs are based on a mobile platform, which is responsible for scaling content up to 8K and improving quality. The processor provides tremendous processing power and can perform 1.6 trillion operations per second. The models use proprietary image quality improvement algorithms. And MEMC technology reflects the lack of tearing and blurring in dynamic scenes.

In addition to the flagship line of Q9K MAX 8K TVs, the manufacturer introduced the Q8R MAX model with a 4K screen and support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz. As for pricing, the 75-inch version of the Q9K MAX is $2,800, while the 86-inch version is $4,300. The 90-inch Q8R MAX is available for $2,500.

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