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Common breakdowns of washing machines: what to do in case of problems

Among the different brands of washing machines, Bosch is always in the top in popularity. This manufacturer has a wide range of products. The presented equipment is reliable, functional and able to serve for years without the slightest hint of a malfunction. But even such a washing machine can break down.

The reasons for the breakdown are different. In the case of Bosch, this is usually the natural wear of components due to long-term operation. Sometimes equipment can fail due to non-compliance with the rules of operation – the reason may be an overload of the drum, in some cases – the presence of objects among things that are not intended for washing.

If an indicator with an error number appears on the device, stop work, drain the water from the drum, and turn off the machine.

The most common malfunctions

The water from the tank may stop draining. Turn off the machine, inspect the drain hose, it may have kinked. If everything is in order with him, the drain pump filter is subject to check, in which there may be a foreign object. It is worth checking if the sewer is clogged – for this you need to make sure that the water flows freely.

If the water still does not drain, it is better to call the master who is ready to perform Bosch washing machine repair at home at a professional level. Specialists of a proven service have been working in their specialty for at least 5 years, they will take good care of the equipment. If you are in Moscow, a specialist will promptly come to you. Prices below the market, you can count on the low cost of repairs.

The drum could stop spinning – a breakdown is quite common, it can have different reasons. You need to try to rotate it with your hands in different directions. If you cannot turn it manually, there is a possibility that there is a foreign object inside. The cause of the malfunction may be more serious, consisting in engine malfunctions. For a more accurate diagnosis, it is better to call the wizard.

Water does not heat up

It also happens that the machine no longer heats the water. Check the operation of the device, make sure that it is connected correctly. You should make sure that the washing mode has been set correctly. Sometimes the heating element fails. This happens due to hard water and the appearance of scale, in some cases it occurs due to voltage drops. If it breaks, it needs to be replaced with a new one.

There are other problems – when the machine does not fill with water, buzzes, flashes, flows, makes noise or vibrates. In all these cases, it is better to consult a specialist.

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