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Denuvo: Anti-piracy protection of games for Nintendo Switch will not affect their performance

Company Nintendo not involved in development anti-piracy protection system against Denuvo, designed to limit the launch of games from Nintendo Switch on emulators. Information about this representatives Denuvo clarified in a conversation with the editors my box.

According to Denuvo, integrating anti-piracy add-ons into Nintendo Switch games this is a question that has long been preoccupied by major publishers. The specific names of the companies are not announced.

“Due to a non-disclosure agreement, we are unable to name specific companies, but we note that interest in anti-piracy systems comes from game publishers,” Denuvo explained.

The company also re-emphasized that integrating Denuvo anti-piracy systems into Nintendo Switch games will have no performance impact. In addition, it is designed to work offline. without the need for an internet connection.

I commented on Denuvo and the claims of “honest” emulator users who claim to buy games for Switch and other consoles legally, and then make their own roms for use with emulators for better graphics and frame rates. Denuvo believes that if such people exist, they are negligible, and all other emulator users simply download illegal copies and do not pay publishers anything..

Denuvo partners are of the same opinion, which is why the anti-piracy protection of games for Switch will not allow making ROMs for emulators, the report says.

“As you know, creating ROMs for emulators on the basis of legally purchased games is an old argument of pirates who simply repeat it over and over again to justify their piracy. Most players simply use emulators in conjunction with illegal ROMs. To create ROMs on their own in In any case, a jailbroken console is required, which is already abnormal in itself.”

It is not yet known which games will use Denuvo’s anti-piracy protection on the Switch.

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