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Denuvo for the first time on consoles: Games for Nintendo Switch will protect against emulators and pirates

Team Denuvo developed a game protection mechanism for Nintendo Switch from pirates and PC emulator users. It was announced at the exhibition Gamescom 2022 now new tools are being offered to publishers. The technology is called “revolutionary”.

“Nintendo consoles have long suffered from piracy issues, and Switch has also been affected. Even if a particular game is protected from piracy in the PC version, the Switch version can be emulated from day one on PC, thereby bypassing the strict protections offered in the PC version. for PC. This can happen with any of the many games available on Switch,” Denuvo said in a statement.

Publishers are encouraged to use Denuvo technology, which blocks the ability to run illegal copies of Switch games on computer emulators and thereby protect their sales revenue during the launch period.

“By preventing piracy on Switch and blocking emulation on PC, studios can increase sales revenue at the launch of their games. Nintendo Switch emulator protection will mean that anyone who wants to play the game will have to buy a real copy.”

Denuvo claims that its technology is easily integrated into the game’s toolkit without any impact on gameplay.. Before starting the game, a seamless check is launched that blocks the software when used in conjunction with the emulator.

“At Denuvo, we understand that piracy has a negative impact on the gaming industry and are working with the industry to provide them with the latest protection technologies. Our team is excited to provide a solution to help developers and publishers fight piracy on the Nintendo Switch.”

Technology developers do not know exactly how large the audience of Switch emulators is, but they state that it is easy to find platforms dedicated to illegal gaming on the network. The most popular groups and channels have at least a million subscribers.

“A recent study conducted by Irdeto in collaboration with the media found that 84% of game developers are concerned about piracy. The study also found that 93% of companies using anti-fraud and anti-tamper solutions are satisfied with Denuvo’s protection.”

From the press release, it is not entirely clear whether Denuvo technology will protect developers directly on the Switch itself, or whether the blocking will be limited only to computer emulators. It is also not yet known which publishers have already signed up to use Denuvo’s new tools.

Nintendo has previously said it will do everything to ensure that no one steals its games.. Having achieved imprisonment of Gary Bowserthe company sent a clear signal to pirates and hackers – they will be prosecuted and punished.

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