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Dieting Body Horror: Hulu’s Hellraiser Movie Review

Recently head Disney Bob Chapek stated that the company intends to release more series and films intended for more mature audience. The statement is commendable, although it is adjacent to the top manager’s belief that adults allegedly do not like animation.

Mickey Mouse House always valued his image, so any manifestation of cruelty strained the company’s management. However, with the streaming wars escalating, adult content allows you to expand the audience, which is extremely important for Disney. So the streaming service Hulu can be called a platform for experimentation.

It was there that they laid out a cheap trash from Blumhouse Productionsas well as unsuccessful comic book horror projects Marvelabout which the head of the studio Kevin Feige trying to forget. Well, after buying a studio Fox Hulu has been turned into a laboratory for carefully relaunching classic franchises that have lost their economic potential in recent years.

Soon a new series in the universe should be released on the platform “Alien” (Alien), and a few months ago the audience favorably accepted the film “Mining” (Prey), which puts the universe back in order “Predator” (Predator). Now it’s the turn”Hellraiser” (Hellraiser).

Legendary Writer Clive Barker strongly associated with the horror subgenre called body horror. One of his achievements is the story of the Cenobites who take pleasure in torturing victims who dared to solve the riddle of a puzzle box.

Although Barker originally wrote the novella, Hellraiser has grown into a major franchise with an army of fans. Over time, various turbulences overtook her, as a result of which the subsequent parts gradually degraded to cheap garbage, which was immediately merged onto DVD.

The new Hulu project is an attempt at resuscitation. Director’s team David Bruckner, which did not have an exorbitant budget, tried to take everything for which the fans loved “Hellraiser” so much and build a new story on the old foundation. It turned out … not quite what we expected.

In the center of the story is a former drug addict Riley (Odessa Adlon), which, at the suggestion of her boyfriend Trevor (Drew Starkey) steals a mysterious box belonging to a businessman Roland Voight (Goran Visnich). Accidentally collecting a puzzle, the girl summons the Cenobites, who take her brother away. Matt (Brandon Flynn). And now Riley and her friends need to stop the nightmare.

The weirdness of the new Hellraiser is that it can hardly be called a body horror. The viewer is not particularly trying to scare, and the lion’s share of cruelty happens behind the scenes for some reason. Disney seems to be afraid to use the potential of the franchise to its fullest, which ultimately affects the quality of the tape. Perhaps this was due to the limited budget.

There are also questions about the story. On the one hand, it is clear why Riley became the central character. A former drug addict who will not be trusted even by her own brother cannot understand whether what is happening is true or fiction. On the other hand, it is difficult to call her a pretty character. In addition, it seems that the writers decided to unsuccessfully integrate Hellraiser into the universe Zendaya from the TV seriesEuphoria” (Euphoria).

The true hero is still Voight. Obsessed with an audience Leviathan the hedonist has made a terrible mistake, which he is trying to correct, not being afraid to sacrifice the lives of innocent people.

At the same time, the creators revised the concept of the local universe. If previous films featured a casket configuration called “Configuration Crying“, now others have been added to it, each of which requires sacrifice. Naturally, the gifts of the cenobites are not what was promised to people, so the new “Hellraiser” is somewhat reminiscent of a horror “wish maker” (Wishmaster).

As for the cenobites themselves, their images look great, although not without flaws. The fact is that not all representatives of the infernal team have the spice that is characteristic of body horror. Because of this, they do not cause rejection, more like cosplayers.

Well, who played the new version Pinhead transgender actress Jamie Clayton desperately lacks the charisma that her predecessor possessed – the legendary Doug Bradley. In addition, the image of the leader of the Cenobites is now more like a plastic doll, and not an acupuncture victim.

Hellraiser of 2022 is a fat-free body horror that doesn’t really scare. The creators seem to be afraid to make the audience feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the film still has the potential for development if the sequels will focus on those elements that work in the reboot.


Hellraiser is available to watch on the Hulu streaming service.

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