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Elijah Wood Joins The Hornets Cast

Representatives of the channel Showtime reported that Elijah Wood will play in the sequelHornets». Star «lord of the rings» joined Christina Ricci in a guest arc that will run throughout the season.

Elijah Wood will play the dedicated civilian detective Walter, who “unexpectedly challenges Misty.” The heroine will use her “true criminal skills” to find Natalie (Juliette Lewis), who was kidnapped in the season one finale.

The Hornets sequel will begin filming at the end of August. When the premiere of the second season will take place is unknown. The series tells the story of an all-girls high school soccer team that suffers a plane crash in the forests of Ontario. As the search goes on, the survivors are slowly peeling off a veneer of civilization. From a well-coordinated team, they turn into scattered clans of cannibals.

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