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Enermax introduces Cable Master 20 Universal Enclosure

Enermax, a giant in the personal computer case, cooling and power supply market, has officially unveiled a very unusual case at Computex 2023 in Taipei – this is a very unusual model called Enermax Cable Master 20, one of the first cases that supports both rear and standard system for installing motherboard cables. Enermax Cable Master 20’s main feature is its flexible internal design, which allows for comfortable installation of motherboards with both rear and standard cable management – we are talking about the latest motherboards in the DIY-APE Standard form factor. A particular change in layout that should help hobbyists build computers on their own is ample 30mm space behind the motherboard for easy cable management.

Enermax reminds those considering the Cable Master 20 that rear cabling is preferable for a tidy system with better internal airflow, but there aren’t many motherboards like this these days. In addition, an Enermax spokesperson says the new case features a removable top heatsink and fan holders on the bottom PSU cover, as well as an additional adjustable fan holder to help cool high power graphics cards. This is an extremely interesting solution, but there is no price yet.

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