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G.Skill Unveils Phenomenal RAM

Today, G.Skill has demonstrated the true potential of DDR5 RAM, which has been questioned by many users for a long time. The fact is that when 5000 MHz memory kits went on sale, users were not particularly impressed, since in fact DDR4 was also sold at 4400 MHz, so this is simply not surprising. Then there were DDR5 variants at 6000 MHz and 7500 MHz, which already seemed like a more attractive solution. And today, G.Skill has set an incredible record – the manufacturer has overclocked the memory to 10,000 MHz, which is already probably an impressive step towards a revolution in this market. With such a frequency, the memory provides just insane potential that can be used in any scenario.

Of course, so far this is the only option on the market, but in a couple of years such memory will be the standard, and then it will be possible to switch to DDR5. Then the computer will receive an insane performance boost in software and video games from the dual-channel mode and such a frequency, it will be possible to talk about the DDR5 era as an event. So far, such a memory costs crazy money, it is more of a show product than a real name for sale in the manufacturer’s assortment. But, of course, achieving such a mark is a very important milestone in the development of RAM in the modern market. You should definitely wait until each manufacturer has the same memory.

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