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GIGABYTE introduced the AORUS Gen5 AIC adapter

GIGABYTE introduced the AORUS Gen5 AIC adapter with PCIe 5.0 support. The adapter is a single-slot expansion card showing four NVMe M.2 slots, supporting a maximum of four 16TB PCIe 5.0 SSDs. By configuring a RAID array, the throughput can be increased up to 60 GB/s, allowing you to quickly transfer huge data files. Eight built-in temperature sensors and an active, temperature-controlled double ball bearing fan help provide high volume, ultra-fast, ultra-cool data access. The AORUS Gen5 AIC adapter features a brushed aluminum body and base plate for improved heat dissipation. The elegant single-slot design greatly enhances the convenience of expansion without fear of interfering with various PCIe devices.

The distinctive internal thermal structure of the AORUS Gen5 AIC adapter is made up of an improved expansive heatsink and a double-sided thermal pad with increased conductivity. This design can effectively dissipate the heat caused by the high-speed function of SSDs, with a significant air volume replaced by a 5cm double ball bearing fan. The innovation of a standalone PCIe 5.0 controller, combined with a full signal stabilizing controller, ensures that each SSD works with the existing PCIe 5.0 bandwidth, delivering stable and high-speed performance.

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