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GOODRAM introduced the world’s fastest SSD

The new GOODRAM PCIe Gen 5 interface will come when manufacturers adopt a new standard to enable read speeds of up to 14GB/s SSDs. While the company is still working to achieve this goal, GOODRAM is introducing IRDM Ultimate, delivering 10,000MB/s read and 9,500MB/s write speeds. This new SSD from the company will be the fastest SSD they produce in the world. The new GOODRAM storage uses a Phison E26 controller that accesses 3D Tri-Level Flash (TLC) modules. 3D TLC flash is NAND flash that stores three bits per data cell. Flash memory also has X3, MLC-3 and 3-bit MLC.

3D TLC flash modules are most commonly used in consumer SSDs, mobile phone memory cards, digital camera storage, USB flash drives, and business-grade SSDs. Memory modules are more economical than single-level and multi-level flash. NAND flash manufacturers use TLC with 3D NAND flash. The memory cells are arranged vertically on the chip, allowing for more levels of data than previous 2D NAND flash. 3D memory also provides higher density at a better price for consumers and businesses. GOODRAM has not revealed a launch date for the new SSD. The company says it will offer IRDM Ultimate in two capacity options, the lowest being 1TB and the highest being 4TB. The IRDM Ultimate prototype was unveiled at IFA 2022 with a relatively large heatsink.

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