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Google is already preparing a second Pixel Fold

Earlier this month, Google finally introduced the Pixel Fold and proved that even Google can offer a good foldable smartphone at a very reasonable price. While the price may certainly annoy some users who were hoping for a much more affordable solution, the bottom line is that Google is pleased with the potential sales of its new device. Moreover, major US retailers have already stated that all Pixel Folds were sold out in a fairly short period of time, which indicates high demand among users. And sales are going so well that the manufacturer is already working on the next generation of foldable gadgets. Ivy Ross, head of hardware product design at Google, confirmed on the Made By Google podcast that the company is indeed working on a second foldable smartphone that will hit the market in the near future.

It is worth recalling that we recently heard rumors that Google is working on a foldable smartphone that has a similar design to the Galaxy Z Flip series devices. However, we are not sure whether the device under development is a clamshell gadget, because this is a specific product and it may already sell worse. On the other hand, if such a foldable smartphone were sold for $700, then many users would think about buying a new device in the format of a foldable gadget, because it is much more convenient in everyday life.

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