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Google officially launched Play Games

Google has long understood that special software that allows you to run mobile applications on a personal computer is insanely popular and brings a lot of money to those who develop this software. For example, some emulators have evolved so much in recent times that their audience numbers literally tens of millions of gamers around the world. Of course, Google didn’t want to miss out on such a profit, so the Play Games initiative was launched, which allows you to run mobile games on PC and even play them with a mouse and keyboard. It seems strange, but in fact, not everyone has gaming computers, and at the same time, many want to play some kind of arcade or mobile race in the evening. It is for them that this software was created.

The problem was that although Play Games for PC had been developed a long time ago, the software was simply tested for a long time, but no one sent it to release. Today, the situation has changed, as the application has officially gone into release and now provides gamers with the opportunity to enjoy fighting in virtual worlds for hours on end without any additional applications and registrations. This is very convenient and safe, since no emulator will steal your data, which is also really an extremely important point. Let’s hope that the application will cope with the task, since the user market is huge and I would like everyone to have a suitable option for launching their favorite video games and software.

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