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Google Stadia has released a major update

Google Stadia is still alive and well – and has made a few updates to make live streaming games easier. Developer XDA has revealed that Stadia will introduce a new Party Stream feature that allows players to privately stream their gameplay to nine other users who can choose to either play co-op or watch. During these broadcasts, users can take advantage of Stadia’s group chat features, including emoji and voice reactions. A Google spokesperson confirmed the news to Engadget via email. Stadia already allows players to directly share their gameplay to YouTube. The Party Stream feature is for gamers who don’t want to stream their games worldwide, but just want to share them with a few friends.

We’ve already seen how platforms like Discord (with its Go Live feature) have capitalized on this need to stream games to the elite. Party Stream also eliminates the need for Stadia players to use Twitch to share games with friends, which requires downloading a third-party encoder. Other updates include the ability for players to switch devices mid-game without interrupting the live stream. For example, you can stream a Stadia game from your PC and then continue playing it on your Android device without interrupting your streaming session. According to XDA developers, Party Stream began rolling out to users on Monday, so everyone will have the feature soon.

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