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Heavenly Sword fans demand Sony remaster for PlayStation 5

Although the studio Ninja Theory owned by a corporation Microsoftrights to Heavenly Sword stay behind Sony Interactive Entertainmentand fans are calling on the platformer to release a remaster of the exclusive for PlayStation 3 slasher on PlayStation 5. The original project debuted at the dawn of the generation before last in 2007.

The corresponding topic was raised on the Reddit forum, where fans expressed their hope not only for a remaster of Heavenly Sword, but also speculated about a potential sequel, which at one time did not take place. Players believe the franchise had a chance to become a new one God of War. Fans also remembered that the continuation was in the plans, but Sony canceled it due to financial inexpediency.

In those years, the PlayStation 3 was going through hard times, and the exclusives of the platform holder sold much worse than they do today.

Heavenly Sword was released in 2007 and received a warm welcome from the players, having sold a million copies. The shortcomings of the game recorded a short duration.

The canceled sequel, which had been scripted, was rumored to be set in an open world with interactive environments.

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