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‘Hercules’ will be a ‘more experimental’ Disney remake, inspired by TikTok

In an interview Variety picture producer Joe Russo noted that remakes Disney criticized for sticking too closely to the source material. According to the director, “Oat flakes» Guy Ritchie become “more experimental in tone and execution”.

Rousseau reads that audiences will be delighted to see a new interpretation of the animated film. However, the tape will contain musical performances, as in the original cartoon. Today, the audience listens to music on TikTok, so the team is going to push the boundaries a little, sticking to the trends of the modern musical.

“There are questions about how to turn it into a musical. Today’s audience is on TikTok, right? What are their expectations for this musical? This project can help us push the boundaries a little bit of how a contemporary musical is performed,” Russo says.

The cast of “Hercules” has not been revealed. Guy Ritchie is set to direct a second remake for Disney, having previously directed Aladdin.

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