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Hogwarts Legacy will offer broom racing, but no Quidditch

Quidditch is depicted in the Harry Potter films and books as a key aspect of learning at Hogwarts.

Fans expected the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy will allow them to participate in a popular sporting event, especially since in one of the trailers one could see a Quidditch stadium and a school student in sports equipment on a broom, however, this will not be possible in the game.. Information about this appeared in the supplemented answers to questions on the official website of the project.

However, the FAQ has confirmed that broom flying will still be in Hogwarts Legacy: players will be able to race them and use them to overcome obstacles, as well as explore new and familiar places around Hogwarts Castle.

Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10th on all major platforms and will be coming to Switch at a later date.

Game developers yesterday also showed several clips with a tour of the rooms of the faculties of the school of wizards.

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