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‘Hold my beer’: Redfall from the creators of Prey for Xbox Series X|S and PC will be a huge game – new details revealed

Arkane Austin spent on QuakeCon 2022 panel by Redfallwhere the developers discussed various aspects of the shooter.

Although the game will not have sudden jump scares or other overly terrifying things, in Redfall, according to the developers, there is still a fair amount of bloody and creepy moments. As for the vampires, as it turned out, these are not hapless citizens who have gone over to the dark side, but a group of human entrepreneurs who have become monsters after a conscious transformation. As such, their vampire state is considered more of a “metamorphosis” of their inner selves, and players won’t have to regret killing them.

Along with this, the studio stated that Redfall will have the largest world that Arkane has ever created. The exact scale is yet to be revealed. but as director Arkane Austin noted Harvey Smithjust one section of the map of the city of Redfall with a farm is larger in size than the entire Talos I space station from Prey 2017.

“The Talos in Prey was the size of five football fields. Size [мира] Redfall is like “hold my beer,” added Redfall art director Karen Segars.

To explain how big Redfall’s open world is, Smith recalled a funny moment that happened early in development.

“Jim McGill took a life-size Talos and placed it in the center of a farm that is in the second district of Redfall. And the district, of course, just ate the entire space station. She [карта Redfall] just gigantic.”

However, the developers have warned that the world of Redfall is based on foot movement, where you can only run and walk, so you should not compare it with the maps of games such as GTAbuilt around the use of transport.

Full recording of the Redfall panel at QuakeCon 2022:

The game is slated for release in early 2023. Xbox Series X|S and PC. Read more about the new Xbox exclusive here.

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