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Horror Monstrum 2 leaves Steam Early Access

Studio Junkfish presented a trailer for the launch Monster 2, which announced the release date. Multiplayer horror game is leaving early access Steam a year and a half later – 6 September. Initially, the project was released in the online store Valve at the beginning of 2021.

Players are in for a PvP game with asymmetric gameplay for those who want to experience survival horror on a whole new level. In a group of up to 4 people, they will have to face a terrifying monster and fight for survival in a dilapidated sea fortress. Or choose one of the many monsters that hunt people.

Monstrum 2 requires wit and cunning to navigate a complex procedurally generated metal labyrinth where the layout, puzzles, items and obstacles will change with each new playthrough to keep each match dynamic for both humans and monsters.

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