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How to buy property in GTA 5 Online, how to buy a house in GTA Online (GTA Online)

Making money in Grand Theft Auto Onlineyou can spend it on a variety of things, including the purchase of real estate, such as garages, houses and apartments.

In this guide, we will walk you through how to buy property in Grand Theft Auto Online..

  1. Open your phone and select the “Internet” icon.

  2. Find the “Money and Services” tab.

From here, your path lies to one of three virtual sites:

  • Dynasty 8 Real Estate – Garages, houses, apartments.

  • Dynasty 8 Executive – Offices.
  • Maze Bank Foreclosures – Clubs, Bunkers, Hangars, Enterprises, Night clubs, Arcade halls.

Choose the site you need, on it in the catalog the property you are interested in, and then just click on the “Buy” button.

At the same time, be careful and do not forget that you can own several types of real estate at the same time in Grand Theft Auto Online.

It is noteworthy that if buying through the gaming Internet seems inconvenient to you, there is also an alternative option. Namely, the opportunity to personally get to the property, go to the sign for sale and press the action button.

There is no difference between the two options for buying real estate – it all depends on your preferences and convenience.

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