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How to choose a case for iPhone 14 Pro

Perhaps users who plan to purchase Apple’s flagship have not yet decided whether they will case for iPhone 14 Pro buy, as the device is new, stylish and I would like to brag to others about my purchase. Agree, it is difficult to show all your friends and acquaintances that you have a new flagship if it is wrapped in a case and is no different from smartphones of previous generations. This, of course, has a certain logic, plus when a user buys such a device, he clearly wants to enjoy the original design, which was worked on by the best minds of Apple.

But at the same time, you should understand a fairly simple thing – the cost of repairs is always simply cosmic for a flagship smartphone. Accordingly, if you wear a device without protective accessories and do not protect it from scratches, chips or just bumps, then sooner or later you will have to contact a service center. And there they will announce the price, since physical damage is not a warranty case, which in certain situations can be a third of the price of a new smartphone. Yes, you paid more than a thousand dollars for a gadget in order to pay the same amount in six months to repair or replace the back panel of your smartphone.

Of course, the design of a smartphone is important and you want to enjoy it as much as possible, but if you look at the prices for repairing or replacing this very case, then you immediately lose the desire to wear a flagship without a case. Nevertheless, any fall or impact with such a fragile case will inevitably lead to damage, and then using the device without the intervention of a service center will be problematic or not very comfortable. It is because of this that we recommend using inexpensive accessories, as they provide the necessary level of protection and at the same time do not ruin the owner’s wallet.

This is especially important against the background of the fact that in the smartphones of this company, the camera system protrudes significantly beyond the body – this is actually an important problem, since the potential owner of the smartphone will put it with the screen up, while exposing the camera system under attack. Only when using a case can you protect the device from scratches on the back, and it’s one hundred percent worth it. After all, this flagship after two years can be easily sold at a minimum discount in order to buy a next-generation device.

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