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HYPER Launches 245W HyperJuice 245W GaN Charger

The HYPER brand has announced the launch of the world’s latest and most compact HyperJuice 245W GaN charger.

HyperJuice 245W GaN provides fast charging for up to four MacBook Pros simultaneously. The device has a simple design. The small size of the charger allows you to take it with you anywhere. HyperJuice 245W GaN is equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit protection. Other features include: Power Delivery PD 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0, programmable power supply, PPS compatible. Compatible with fast charging for iPhone, Android and Samsung devices.

The HyperJuice 245W USB-C external battery allows you to charge four devices at the same time. The battery capacity is 100 Wh/27000 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the battery can charge an iPhone 13 nine times or a 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 twice.

The HyperJuice 245W GaN charger sells for $199.99. In turn, the HyperJuice 245W USB-C battery is priced at $249.

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