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Home » “I said right away – I won’t make a mobile game”: Yakuza creator is preparing an expensive console project with NetEase money

“I said right away – I won’t make a mobile game”: Yakuza creator is preparing an expensive console project with NetEase money

next game designer project Toshihiro Nagosiwho stood at the origins of the series Yakuza, will be high-budget and will be released on modern stationary systems. The developer plans to release an action game that focuses not only on violence, but also on “human moments”. About this former publishing veteran SEGA told as part of a conversation with a German publication 4Players.

Since the end of last year Nagoshi labors in his own studio under the wing of a Chinese publishing house NetEase. Initially, it was known for mobile games, but now it is actively expanding its field of activity.

According to Yakuza’s father, he immediately explained to NetEase management that he was not going to make mobile games..

“During the first meeting with the management of NetEase, where we discussed a potential partnership, I immediately explained to them that I would not develop mobile games, such a scenario is impossible. In addition, there are people in their company who will cope with such a task much better than me. K Fortunately, they were completely satisfied with this option, because it was also in the interests of NetEase to develop a new console bestseller,” Toshihiro Nagoshi explained.

Continuing the thought, Nagoshi noted that the partnership with NetEase provided him with a serious budget. The Chinese have money, and a lot of it.

Next, the developer tried to briefly describe his next game, which, apparently, will partly become the successor to Yakuza. In particular, the designer is working on a new action game with elements of drama and comedy in the plot..

“Of course, now I can’t tell you anything about the game in detail, but I’ll try to describe it a little. Violence will be one of its elements one way or another, but without distortions towards thrillers or horror. I’m trying to be inspired by examples from Quentin Tarantino’s films, in including the supply of humor. I don’t like it when the focus is solely on tension or bloody scenes, I don’t like that. Instead, I want to see something more human, with a touch of absurdity and seriousness at the same time, “said Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Commenting on his parting with the SEGA publishing house, Nagoshi admitted that he achieved everything he could there. In recent years, he was promoted to the very top of the management line, but he wanted to continue to deal with games on his own..

“At SEGA, I took the chair of one of the senior executives of the company. Then I admitted to the president that I did not want to hold his position in the future. I love games, I am a developer, and I want to move in this direction. the prospects of opening our own company and parting ways with SEGA, while SEGA also had the opportunity to find a more suitable person for a management position, thus our interests were mutually satisfied.At the same time, despite my departure, with the SEGA team we now support warm relations,” the developer noted.

When exactly the official announcement of Toshihiro Nagoshi’s new game will take place is still unknown. The designer himself is convinced that you won’t have to wait long.

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