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Home » “I suffer, and you?” Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge revealed the details of another new project

“I suffer, and you?” Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge revealed the details of another new project

Russian studio Ice-Pick Lodge revealed the details of her new project “France experimental mobile game created for devices running iOS and Android. Development is being led Nikolay Dybovsky and Anna Pimonova.

According to the publication, abandoned in the Ice-Pick Lodge’s official media channels, “Franz” will be something like a “sms romance” from “Evil Tamagotchi”. As planned by the developers, the project will add to your mobile device a mysterious entity named Franz, on unusual interactions with which the entire gameplay will be tied.

“Franz is a very important project for the studio. It is dedicated to the topic of toxic relationships and reveals several stories at once, whose value is very high for us. “Franz” is primarily about the difficulty of finding a common language,” the project description says.

Interaction with Franz via phone will be carried out within four dynamically changing locations, and the main element of the gameplay will be the search and selection of the necessary lines, some of which will be hidden, as well as solving linguistic riddles. In addition, it will be possible to get acquainted with Franz through the touchscreen – a mysterious character will react to touching the screen, offering unique reactions depending on the movements.

At the same time, Franz will also be endowed with her own character – the girl can be offended by the player, interfere with his progress, mislead and even completely ignore, remaining alive and unpredictable.

The exact timing of the launch of the project “Franz” from the Ice-Pick Lodge has not yet been disclosed. Recall that recently the studio also updated the status of the development of “Bachelor” from the remake of “Mora” – the production of this project has entered the active phase.

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