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Home ยป In the remake of The Last of Us for PS5 added a working scale – it shows the weight of Joel

In the remake of The Last of Us for PS5 added a working scale – it shows the weight of Joel

Shortly after release The Last of Us: Part I the game revealed a lot of interesting details and easter eggs added by the developers from Naughty Dog.

For example, a working scale appeared in one of the locations in the bathroom. The player can stand on them and see the readings of the real weight Joel in the game universe.

According to the weight shooters, Joel’s weight at the time of The Last of Us is 200 pounds or 90.7 kilograms. For the sake of objectivity, the specified weight includes the full outfit of the hero, including a backpack with supplies, weapons and ammunition, but the very fact that the developers paid attention to such a trifle is surprising.

With the release of the remake, players have also begun to rediscover references to old Naughty Dog projects through environmental details such as board games and toys that refer to Uncharted and Jak & Daxter, although many of these easter eggs were already present in the original The Last of Us. Nevertheless, there were no changes here either.

In particular, the authors renewed a baby photo of Sarah from the prologue, which makes her really look like a baby now, while before her face had pronounced adult features, which looked strange.

However their games faded photograph of an infected ant, which appeared on the TV in Joel’s house from the prologue after performing certain game manipulations. The find caused a big stir when it was discovered seven years after the release of The Last of Us, and now it is not in the updated version.

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